A Little Bit About Me...
As a licensed chiropractor for over 36 years, I strive to provide my patients with a pathway to greater health by tapping into the intricacies of the mind-brain-body connection that are behind some of the greatest health challenges.
But before got to where I am today, I wrote this poem when I was a 20-year old baseball player at Wagner College:
The earth, a blanket of opportunity.
The world, something to be seen.
An ocean, something to be gazed upon.
The sky something to be looked up to.
Life, something to consider.
And you, the people having the chance too.
I was no Robert Frost, but even then I believed we had the ability, and distinct privilege, to create our lives. I didn't know it then, but this idea would lead me to helping people change the course of their health by transforming their minds and bodies. Even the tiniest shift can make all the difference. 
I entered the real world of chiropractic as an associate at a established practice in Long Island, New York in December of 1980, just two weeks after graduation. It was there that I learned I loved helping people achieve health. Being a chiropractor came very natural to me, and I would do anything do it - including a long commute on the Belt Parkway. 
On March 5, 1982, I opened the doors of my own practice in Staten Island, New York. From infants and children to adults young and old, I was treating a wide variety of patients - and then there were the athletes. I became the chiropractor for multiple high school football teams (New Dorp 1986 New York City Champions!) plus track, basketball, baseball, and gymnastics teams. I worked with coaches to implement stretching and isometric exercises (relatively unheard of in the early 1980s), which resulted in improved performances and decrease of injuries. Much to this sports fan's delight, I worked with a few professional athletes over the years as well. 
Like the athletes with which I worked, I was always searching for other methods to improve my capabilities, especially when conditions outside the traditional realm of chiropractic started walking through my door: Concussions, infections, rashes, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, and the list goes on. Patients frequently came to me as a last resort for back and neck pain, and with successful results, they referred family and friends that also had reached a dead end in the treatment of a much wider variety of conditions.  
Over the years, I have adopted this anonymous quote as my mantra: "BEING GOOD IS NOT ENOUGH, WHEN YOU CAN DREAM OF BEING GREAT." I believe in the Law of Attraction, and in 1996, while I still searching for new methods, a fortuitous conversation with the man installing carpet in my home lead me to the work of chiropractor Dr. Carl A. Ferreri in Brooklyn N.Y. After meeting Dr. Ferreri and observing him work, I instantly resonated with him, his methodology, and his mind-body concepts. 
Through much study and practice, Dr. Ferreri had further developed and combined the basic concepts of several chiropractic methods to form what he called Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.). From my many years of experience, I knew that his integrated protocols offered me a safe, effective and common-sense procedure. And after applying the protocols, I immediately saw amazing results. N.O.T. exponentially raised my quality and effectiveness as a chiropractor. I study with Dr. Ferreri relentlessly and in the fall of 2000, I taught my first N.O.T. teaching seminar with him in attendance. In 2007, Dr. Ferreri passed away. 
I continue to utilize his work up to this very day, treating patients from all over the world using N.O.T. as an alternative and complimentary treatment that can address their overall picture of health. I am personally and professionally indebted to Dr. Ferreri, his genius, and his creation, Neural Organization Technique. It truly opened my world and that of my patients, giving hope to those who seek it. 
Dr. LaRusso graduated Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in December 1980 and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Wagner College. He studied and practiced the Neural Organization Technique under the close guidance of its creator, Dr. Carl A. Ferreri, and has made it the focal point of his practice. He is also a founding and directive member of Neural Organization Technique - International Professional, a group created by Dr. Ferrei's students to teach N.O.T. to chiropractors around the world.
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