Too much...Too little

Appleseed Thoughts:

Is it too much, or is it too little.
I didn't do enough...I think too much...I didn't think enough...I ate too much...I didn't eat enough...I said too much...I didn't say enough...and on and on and on...regarding all aspects of your life.

I think that you do, think, eat, say exactly what you are supposed to do, think, eat, and say. Otherwise the results of what you are doing, thinking, eating, and saying would be something different. It is all relative. But only relative to YOU...not to others. Your brain compares it to your memories of what you did in the past, which has nothing to do with this moment. 

Forgive your "self" for thinking and or feeling that you are doing too much or too little of something. You are doing exactly what you were destined to do...and by making choices, you were able to contribute to your destiny. Don't be a victim of you, become a creator of your existence, your life, your destiny. "It is all perfect within its imperfection." 

RRL  04-24-16