Neural Organization Technique ( N.O.T.)

What is Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.)?

Neural Organization Technique is an holistic therapeutic protocol based in Applied Kinesiology. The technique addresses our basic primal survival systems of fight/flight, feeding/digestion, reproduction, and immune. Our health depends on how well these systems are maintained and their ability to receive, process,and respond to sensory information in a constantly changing environment of both internal and external stressors. Treatment utilizes a sensory receptor based therapy involving primarily skin surface reflexes designed to normalize nervous system function.  N.O.T. incorporates the mind-body connection, creating a harmonious environment for your body's innate ability to heal itself.

Neural Organization Technique was developed in the 1970s by chiropractor Dr. Carl A. Ferreri. He created N.O.T. as a means to reorganizes the body's controlling mechanism, known as the central nervous system.

How does N.O.T. work?

The central nervous system is like our body's main computer. Our brain is the motherboard, and its extensive network, our spinal cord, transmits vital information between our brain and the rest of our body. Through these neurological reflexes, our body automatically performs life-sustaining functions without our conscious thought. It pumps blood, digests food, regulates our temperature and even keeps us breathing while we are sleeping! 

As the motherboard, our brain has literally thousands of computer-like programs that keep our body working in perfect harmony. Our main four survival systems are: Immune, Digestive, Reproductive and Fight/Flight. A trauma can affects all four systems, repressing some while over-activating others. N.O.T. checks for interruptions in these four systems through manual muscle testing (applied kinesiology).  N.O.T.'s comprehensive protocols can then reestablish these four systems to their original functions, thus restoring our body to its optimal health.

How can N.O.T. help you?

What makes N.O.T. extraordinary is that it stems from a belief system that your body functions as a whole, and not just individual parts. It not only addresses the site of pain, but the root cause of the pain as well, which is essential to long-term health. 

With this comprehensive perspective, N.O.T. can provide the desired changes for which your body, mind, heart and soul have been searching. N.O.T. also has the ability to identify individual issues, and it can be tailored to the needs of each patient. It is a unique path that we can take and enjoy together.

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