My Philosophy 

Today, people are shifting from traditional treatments for their health ailments to a more holistic, or comprehensive, approach that addresses the source of their symptoms. In the long-run, it make more sense physically, emotionally and financially. That does not mean that there is not a need for traditional medicine. It just means that by looking at a bigger picture, we have more options in caring for and maintaining our health.

My goal as a chiropractor is to provide comprehensive care. Having treated thousands of patients over more than 30 years, I have found that there is more to their health issues than the symptoms they are experiencing. To successfully treat their condition, it is absolutely essential to address their health holistically.

From the moment we are conceived, our bodies start recording our lives like personal biological history books. Our cells remember every event, every thought, every feeling and every movement. This cellular history then serves as the framework for our future biology.

Have ever you thought so hard about having a headache, you actually got one? Have ever you been so afraid that your heart races and you start sweating? Or have you ever been having such a good time that all of your aches and pains disappeared for that moment? These experiences are part of the mind-body connection. 

Any physical, emotional, mental, chemical or environmental event we experience
affects, and can even interrupt, the inborn survival systems that are fundamental to our well-being, including that of our immune. This disruption can express itself as disease. 

To address the complex workings of the body, I utilize an integrated treatment known as Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.). By using N.O.T., I have been successfully been able to aid distressed people of varying ages and conditions in the following:
  • Determine the causal origin of their condition
  • Identify the vital behaviors that are at the root of their condition
  • Develop strategies to move them forward in achieving higher levels of health
  • Provide talks and seminars to various communities around the world

The philosophy of N.O.T. is " Why N.O.T.?" because a truly healthier existence is "N.O.T. impossible."

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