Typical Testimonial 

At the age of 14, Barbara came to N.O.T. with a diagnosis of Autism and a host of communication, academic and behavioral concerns. Slowly but surely, the Neural Organization Technique has allowed Dr. LaRusso to effectively address these concerns,  and her behaviors, improving our daughter's condition and reducing the effects of the disorder.

From the first treatment we were able to notice changes in Barbara. She seemed calmer and better able to focus. Six months into the treatment, Barbara began to make significant academic progress, recalling math facts accurately, a skill that had previously left her confused and frustrated.

N.O.T. was also able to address behavioral situations such as obsessive-compulsive actions. Barbara would pick at the threads of her clothes and pluck imaginary lint off her shirt or pants. This behavior had grown to the point where Barbara would actually unravel the seams of her clothing. Most people would be skeptical that a Chiropractor could resolve behavioral issues, but Dr. LaRusso used N.O.T. to tackle this problem and we haven't seen it since.

Once early on, Dr. LaRusso proposed taking a month off from the treatments to allow Barbara to adjust to all of the changes in her body. When we resumed treatments, the improvement in Barbara's ability to stay on task, follow directions and complete assignments was so pronounced that teachers at her school noticed the amazing changes.

Today, Barbara has progressed to the point where she can work more efficiently. She is more aware of people and their feelings as she learns to form new relationships. She looks forward to new experiences and expresses herself with more confidence than ever. I would hate to imagine our lives without N.O.T. and Dr. LaRusso.

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